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Fishing Charter Whispers

I’m an avid salt water fisherman, however, I read the following article in an old fishing magazine and thought it would be an interesting share.  I think it applies to fishermen everywhere ~ Captain Mike ~: The age old question among fisherman…”What’s better; a fancy bass fishing trip to some exotic location or simply sitting out in your boat on a quiet waterway somewhere in the States?” It’s a tough question. Hardened bass fisherman will usually go with the latter as the experience of sitting on a quiet lake somewhere with only the sounds of nature to worry about and then to have the silence broken by the thrashing of man’s greatest foe, the bass is unbeatable. Taking Bass Fishing Trips A bass fishing trip to exotic places however, are hard to beat especially if you want guaranteed success. Mexico offers some excellent fishing options in the way of guided tours and the promise of snagging the biggest bass in the world. That’s pretty hard to say no to. The old school bass fisherman will say living in ritzy hotels for a week and going out on guided tours getting waited on hand and foot is not the way to enjoy the thrill of catching bass. We say…”hold on guys and gals…whatever you think is a fair thing then stick to it!” Phew! We’re glad that little argument is over. Or is it? One of the attractions of a bass fishing trip is the ability to put a boat in the water. Devoted bass fishermen will tell you it’s not the same when you are taken out on a fancy craft and told where to thrown your line. The Serenity Of Being In Your Own Boat! When you are able to put your own boat in the water you are in control; you need to seek out the good fishing spots but above all, the tranquility of the setting you choose makes all the difference. Then your peace gives way to excitement, and rightfully so. You are here for action, and there is no greater action in the world than the battle and the struggle between a man and the fish on his fishing line. Without this struggle, a bass fishing trip would be meaningless and frankly, life would be meaningless to many of us. For many, taking a fishing trip is not just another weekend away; it is a rite of passage and a religious experience. Just a man and his greatest enemy, the bass. That sounds pretty good to me.   Galveston Fishing Charters with Get Bent Galveston Call Get Bent Galveston To Book Your Fishing Charter Today Affordable Rates – Call Now: (832) 532-2022 Visit Us At: The post Fishing Charter Whispers appeared first on GetBentGalveston.Com.

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Galveston Fishing Charters And Boating Fun

Galveston Fishing Charters with Get Bent Galveston Call Get Bent Galveston To Book Your Fishing Charter Today Affordable Rates – Call Now: (832) 532-2022 Visit Us At: Lately I have been thinking a lot about how I prepare the meals that I cook. To tell you the truth, I find it interesting how so many different men love to fish, but they don’t necessarily love to cook. In this post I am going to break down my process step by step. Step One: Catch that fish dinner. I’m not going to go too deep into this one. There are lots of other articles on this website about this topic and I feel I have beaten it to death. Step Two:  Make sure you have the right knife to fillet a fish.  There are plenty of different knives on the market and I am certainly no expert. However I do recommend you check out this site about finding the right knife for this type of thing. Step Three: make sure your knives are nice and sharp. You’ll like have to buy a sharpener for this one, but I can assure it is totally worth it. There is nothing worse than having a knife that doesn’t cut well, once you go sharp, you can never go dull again Step Four: Now that you have caught the fish and got all the gear you need, you will have to slice that fish up. If you’re new, I suggest you do this outside. There is something about fish smell that is impossible to get out of your house.   If you’re in an apartment, do this part by the dock or fishing spot before you get home. It is also not a bad idea to invest in a good sharpener, their nothing worse than using a dull knife to fillet your fish. If you are not sure what to get go here and read about sharpener reviews. There you will find lots of information about the best knife sharpener for your fishing adventure. Step Five (optional): Marinate that fish baby! Personally, I love to let my fish sit in a marinated for at least a few hours. It totally improves the taste, but I suppose it really depends on how you’re like your fish.   Many folks just like them fresh out of the water. Step Six: BBQ, bake it, or fry it up. BBQ: This is my favorate method for cooking my fish. I like to use a coal grill and there is just something about the coal that adds flavor to the fish. It almost feels smoked up, just amazing. Bake: You can bake your fish as well, I only do this when I am feeling lazy or feel that the fish needs to sit in the marinate longer. Not my favorite method. Fry: When it is raining outside, I really enjoy throwing the fish on a frying pan. I’m not sure what it is, but I just feel like a great chef…

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