Getting The Basics Of Fishing Right

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There’s no question fishing is one of the most beloved past times of outdoor enthusiasts throughout the years. If you’re new to the hobby, read about three questions to ask yourself to start off on the right foot!

What Type of Fishing Are You Interested In?

Fly fishing, freshwater fishing, and saltwater fishing are all very different in many ways and require different equipment and expertise. Even within one type like freshwater you have crankbaits, jigs, bobber & bait setups, and more. There are many different techniques that different anglers used based on the water, fish species, and weather conditions. Try out several with friends who already fish and see which are the most fun for you.

What Kind of Fish Is Available Locally?

This is a big limitation in some places. You might love fishing for northern pike or walleye but if you live in Florida, you’re going to have to look at bass or saltwater fishing. Are there many trout streams near where you live? Are there big lakes and rivers or is it more of a lot of small ponds and creeks? You can’t fish for species that don’t exist in the area. While it’s never a bad thing to plan an out of state fishing trip for you and the family, to fish frequently you will have to go after something that is in your state and location.

What Fishing Equipment Do You Need?

Fishing equipment can get expensive very quickly, so especially on a budget a new angler needs to look at their options and budget very carefully. A couple good fishing rods, at least one or two good reels with fishing line, a handful of lures, and a net are often enough to get started. This list can change a bit depending on the exact type of fish you’re going after, but make sure to get the basics so you can start off right. There’s always time to accumulate more in the future!

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