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charter fishing with rod and reelI watched an amazing episode of Monster Fish with host and biologist Zeb Hogan.  Its amazing some of the adventures he gets to go on.

He traveled all the way to Nicaragua to fish in one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world.  What did he fish for?  One of the toughest fishes to catch…Tarpon.

These fishes are simply amazing.  They are at the top of the food chain, a definitive predator and simply amazing to catch.

The episode showed Zeb connecting with several different locals, visiting different parts of the lake to land this prize of a fish.

During the journey he went on several different fishing charters which took him to different areas of the fresh water lake.  Its amazing the different types of fish found in the fresh water lake.

The story is that the lake used to be part of the ocean, but was sealed off by volcano eruptions and trapped different species of sea life.  Over time, these sea creatures adapted to fresh water.

In the show, Zeb tried several times to catch the Tarpon only to lose it due to the powerful strength these fish have.  They have the ability to jump out of the water over 10 feet and wiggle hard enough to either straighten out the hook or completely spit it out of their large mouths.

It was an amazing show and made me want to simply go out to the waters and take a trip deep sea fishing.

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