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Trout Fishing with the right gearThere aren’t many fish quite as exciting as sea trout. Oh, dolphins and whales you say? Well, they’re mammals, and therefore don’t count! sea trout can grow up to two feet, often put up a fight, and can feed a whole family – and that’s why so many of our clients book our fishing charter services here at Get Bent Galveston.

We know the bay area like the back of our hand. Actually, who really knows the back of their hand these days? Okay, we know the coast, the bay, and the ocean like one of our own children; in fact some parts even give less attitude! When fishing for sea trout we like to help our clients to prepare themselves as much as possible, and in this blog post you’ll find a host of useful information.

Preparing yourself for your next trout fishing trip

If you’ve never fished for trout before, then boy oh boy do we have some information for you. And even if you have, you might still learn a little something. For example, did you know that trout are notoriously violent when they are hooked? If you’re planning on using plastic or rubber worms and they get shredded; don’t worry too much, as the shredded parts can still be used!

trout don’t care what they eat, just that it’s an easy meal

Okay this next one might surprise you, but did you know that red tones can actually fool trout? If you’re fishing in shallow cover then a spinner bait with a red or purple head can trick a trout into thinking that it’s injured; and we all know how much this species of fish enjoys an easy meal. Red hooks can do the same, and this is why you’ll sometimes see them in tournament scenes.

The redder the better they say

Finally we have another gem for you – and we’re sure that you might even reconsider when’s best to actually book your fishing trip. Did you know that trout spend plenty of time near their fishing beds in the spring? During these times most mothers will only pop out of their hiding places for food – and that’s exactly what you’ll be offering (in a way).

Just remember to fish shallow at this time of the year, and keep your hooks sharp, to snare them first time

And that brings us to the end of our post. We hope that you enjoyed it and who knows; you might be feeling a little more prepared for your next trout fishing charter. If you’re passing through the Galveston area then why not get in touch with us? We’ll show you some of the best fishing spots in the area, and you might even land the catch of your life – so what have you got to lose?

On a side note, if you are in the Galveston area, stop by the bishops palace.  Its a historical landmark if you’re a fan of architecture.

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