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Late Night Bass Fishing Part 1

3/31/12 Initially late evening fishing expedition to my secret honey opening paid off big. I threw a double blades black buzz bait as well as this is the largest of 10-12 landed. More to come …

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Striped Bass Midnight Striper Surf Fishing

Fished from 11pm to around 3am last night for a few fish. Was absolutely nothing insane but the fish seemed to strike at the same time. Picked up two one after the other and after that an additional 2 later additionally together. 3 of the 4 fish I captured were on the minnow one was on the intro tonight. Begun to really feel that the bite is a function of tide on the coastline yet appears when they are feeding they will hit anything! Great fishing as constantly to all! Capture the current activity at for present records, tides, moon phase, wind information as well as weather condition details for your following trip. I developed this record with the YouTube Video Editor ()

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Night Fishing is easy with The Fishing Caddy No More Missed Bites

Patents Pending This Video Emphasizes the effectiveness of the LED Evening/ Dusk Add-on W The Fishing Caddy. Leave your lines lack a little bit for best outcomes. Today we were checking hand made bell accessories for the distinct strike indicator. You could see exactly how effective the Led light is in illuminating your lines activity in the evening. This is extremely vital in seeing your attacks prior to the fish take your bait. With 30lbs of water inside its protected and also risk-free right on the side of the financial institutions. Go to

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